Provided Services

  • Trading of parapharmaceutical products

Through its partner companies, PANSYFA offers its customers, economies of scale throughout the entire network of trading, storage and product distribution, ensuring the quality and the final product cost, of which final recipient is the pharmacist.

Our company collaborates with a lot of companies, which are active in the field of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products. All collaborating companies and their websites can be viewed under the page COLLABORATIONS.

  • Sales & Promotion Services (product promotion services)

A new service, that provides all collaborating companies with a direct market briefing on new products and offers, as well as the promotion of their products to pharmacies.

Our company’s developing sales department in collaboration with the sales departments of the local cooperatives, offers our partners important services.

  • 3PL (Logistics)-Storage & distribution of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products

Another new service which provides all collaborating companies with storage and distribution of their products. Through 43 pharmaceutical warehouse cooperatives and their subsidiary companies, it addresses directly to more than 5.000 pharmacies, representing approximately the 50% of the Greek market, and possessing a unique place with regard to the point’s dissemination of trading, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products throughout Greece.

Our company collaborates and daily dispatches products in the majority of the private-owned pharmaceutical warehouses and cooperatives throughout Greece. The distribution of the products is performed through a partner distribution company of multiannual experience. 95% of the orders that are received are executed daily and the delivery time oscillates from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the destination.

  • E-Commerce 

Following the developments and modern technology, now PANSYFA offers 2 new e-commerce services.

B2B (Business-to-Business)

The service offers the opportunity to partner pharmacies to learn about the products and current promotions and register their orders electronically. Allows selection of the wholesaler from which the order is to be sent.

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B2C (Business-to-Costumer)

With the new service PANSYFA gives the pharmacist the opportunity to participate in an e-shop to the consumer for all pharmacies.

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